Out with the old, in with the youth

An organization empowering the next generation of world leaders

Square Feet

14,000 s.f.


1 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD

With the belief that educated, employed and engaged young people possess the power to solve the world’s toughest problems, International Youth Foundation (IYF) has been creating opportunities for youths around the world for more than 25 years. Something else that has been around for more than 25 years? Their former office building. In 2015, IYF occupied and owned an outdated 60,000 square foot building in Baltimore. They had been in the building for decades and IYF’s board determined that it made more sense to sell it and lease a new space. How did they navigate this journey from old to new? They started with their people.

IYF and its 70 Baltimore based employees partner with an array of organizations to create skill-building programs for young people around the world. IYF also has marketing, financial and IT partners that work across the world. When the board decided to look elsewhere for new office space, they engaged JLL’s Brad Crosley, who worked with the group to identify their needs. IYF wanted an open and collaborative environment with natural light and a location close to major thoroughfares, mass transportation and parking. Brad took these requirements and conducted an extensive market analysis and site search. Together Brad and IYF explored opportunities between Baltimore and Washington, DC. Ultimately the organization chose Baltimore for its lower rental rates and proximity to employees.

Brad secured favorable terms at 1 East Pratt Street for a 14,000 square foot office with options to grow. Candice Scott, Director of Global Human Resources for IYF, says they never expected to get such a great space, one that would be an incredible tool for the organization, to use for collaboration and to attract top talent. When prospective candidates enter the IYF space for an interview they are blown away. JLL’s project manager Christy Thomas was instrumental in the build out because she knew the bare bones of the space and what IYF needed to make it their own.

The new space is modern with plenty of natural light. The space is decorated with youthful colors and artwork from around the world. Everyone is able to work together and collaborate, with a mix of private offices and open space seating. IYF’s CFO has a private office, but actually prefers to sit on the floor with her whole team. The conference rooms in the new space are all named after old office locations and field offices, connecting their teams to the organization's history. Additionally, the new building is full of amenities, including a gym, which employees are very excited about. IYF’s new space reflects its culture and the types of employees the company wants to attract.