Client story

Financial services company

JLL helped a financial services company process millions of transactions daily without a single outage or missed KPI in 10 years.


100% uptime and zero outages in nearly 10 years of partnership


Built and managed one of the first LEED Gold certified data centers in the country


Completed a large construction project (doubling the size of a data center) while maintaining 100% uptime


A financial services company serves as the white-label processer for branded credit cards, processing millions of transactions daily.  Any data center downtime results in steep SLA penalties, customer frustration and lost revenue – all which leads to attrition.


The company ran a one-year service provider assessment, where JLL and two other providers were each tasked with managing a large data center. As the clear leader after the assessment period, JLL was selected as the single partner for the firm’s entire data center portfolio. JLL had a differentiated data center platform, supported by specialists with decades of experience, a robust process and procedural playbook, and industry-leading technology. In its nearly 10 years of partnership, JLL met every single KPI, reporting obligation and audit requirement.