Client story

BGSU breathes new life into existing campus

Competition for university students is increasing, so BGSU modernized their campus to attract and retain students.


A $300M Campus Modernization effort


Prioritized revitalization of residence halls, dining centers, academic buildings and infrastructure

Square Feet

750,000+ SF

Breathing new life into existing campus

Competition for new students at the university level is ever increasing. To attract and retain more students to its campus, BGSU decided to add two new major residence buildings and two new dining centers. Charged with an aggressive timeline, we signed on as the Owner’s Representative to help BGSU achieve its ambitions. We oversaw the projects to ensure they delivered the required scope, stayed on budget and finished on schedule in time for the upcoming academic year. We were awarded the $200 million Master Plan work which included five additional major academic projects and $25 million of infrastructure work.

By remaining focused on the University’s master plan and goals, we transformed the campus into one that promotes student success with modernized facilities and an emphasis on student needs. Ambitions achieved all around.

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