Career pivot to
brokerage showcases
tech expertise

Sonia El-Sherif builds her own path to
drive tech-focused impact

Before she found JLL, Sonia El-Sherif had reached a reset point in her tech career. She was responsible for overseeing sales in six different states while managing 60 people. The role required frequent travel and Sonia was on the road seven out of every eight weeks.

“I think people see traveling as more glamorous than it is. It was tiring, and when I reflected on my role, I realized there wasn’t a path for career growth at that company,” Sonia said.

As someone who thrives on challenges and is driven by the thrill of new opportunities, Sonia was ready for something new. The idea of being a tenant representation broker, someone who facilitates transactions between a tenant and landlord, had already crossed her mind thanks to a mutual friend who worked for JLL in brokerage. Sonia started to explore the role more.

“​​When I met my now-manager, she was so inspiring and positive about women being in the industry. She reassured me that my background would be helpful in pivoting to this next step,” Sonia said. “I saw a huge upward potential and a lifelong career. Everywhere else I worked before felt like a job, but JLL was somewhere I could grow exponentially and contribute in a more meaningful way.”

Sonia had a passion for connecting people and creating solutions, plus a strong tech background, that she brought into her new brokerage career in tenant representation. “My JLL team helped me transition and acquire the knowledge needed to be a successful broker. I learned the ins-and-outs of the business and they supported me throughout the process.” Sonia learned strategies for success thanks to her focus, constant interaction with leadership, and collaborative mindset.

Ultimately, Sonia saw the JLL tech platform as the key determinant to growing her career at the company. As she began reaching out to prospects, it was clear that the technology platform was a differentiator.

“What has helped most with clients is the JLL Tenant Experience (JTE), an innovative tech stack that helps prospects and clients make data driven decisions. “Whether it’s conversations around JLLT or our Spark Venture Fund, it’s clear that we’re on the cutting edge of technology in our industry. We're really able to digitize and speed up the commercial real estate process.”

Sonia sees the mentorship, leadership, the JLL tech platform, and sales enablement as a brilliant combination to help business grow. “Without the people and the tools together, I don’t think I would have been as successful or motivated in the transition. I find it impossible to become stagnant at JLL. There’s always new tech, new angles, new clients,” Sonia added. “Every day is different and that’s what keeps me here.”

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