Building a
Better Tomorrow

We partner with our stakeholders to drive disruptive, impactful, sustainable change. We do this by embedding sustainability into everything we do through our sustainability program, Building a Better Tomorrow.

Our sustainability strategy

Sustainability is important to JLL because it facilitates our ability to deliver long-term value to our shareholders, create productive, healthy spaces for our clients and employees, and energize our communities.

Our approach


We partner with our clients to create and implement solutions to achieve their sustainability goals by deploying industry-leading strategies and tools, and by pioneering new ways of using technology.


We help people achieve their ambitions by enabling them to explore new opportunities, by investing in their growth and development, providing an inclusive culture and workplaces, and ensuring we put their safety first.


We drive down energy and resource use and subsequent carbon emissions from both JLL offices and business travel activities.


We create shared value by forging global and local charitable partnerships, and by giving our people time to contribute personally to the issues that mean the most to them.


The pillars are underpinned by three key Foundations:

How we implement our program

Building a Better Tomorrow strategy is set at the global level with extensive collaboration with local teams. Ultimate responsibility for sustainability within JLL rests with Christian Ulbrich, JLL Global Chief Executive Officer. Richard Batten, JLL’s Global Chief Sustainability Officer, has day-to-day oversight of JLL’s sustainability efforts.
Each JLL country is at a different stage in their sustainability journey, which is why we have developed a flexible, staged approach to implementation.  As we rollout the program, other countries will be encouraged to take similar actions as JLL’s largest countries, to deliver against global targets and formalize Building a Better Tomorrow in the longer term.

Our sustainability leaders

Leading the way on sustainability is fundamental to that purpose, meet our sustainability leaders
Guy Grainger,Global Head of Sustainability Services & ESG
Guy Grainger
Global Head of Sustainability Services & ESG
Richard Batten,Global Chief Sustainability Officer
Richard Batten
Global Chief Sustainability Officer

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