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Workplace productivity

Creating innovative workplaces that drive business value and employee productivity.

Rapid advancements in technology, mobility and connectivity have changed the way people are working, allowing for collaboration and productivity to happen anywhere, at any time. There’s no doubt that your real estate workplace strategy can support flexible working environments that encourage employee performance and increase business productivity.

Ensure that your workplace strategy is helping your business get the most from its employees by designing flexible, leading-edge work spaces that encourage collaboration, creativity and workplace productivity.

Resources to help you deliver value to your clients and increase employee productivity

Forget the workplace ... For Now

To truly get the most from your workplace productivity strategy, you need to first determine what processes create the most value for your organization and clients, then design around supporting them.

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How to measure workplace productivity

See the four key areas to focus on when evaluating the effectivess of your workplace strategy.

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Real estate's role in workplace performance

Get expert advice from Bernice Boucher, Head of Workplace Strategy-Americas, on ways your real estate portfolio can both reduce costs and encourage employee behaviors.

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The new definition of productivity

Productivity is not about presence —that is, sitting at a desk—it's about performance outputs and employee engagement. Learn five ways real estate can influence the way people work.

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In a recent social media survey we asked people: what do you really do at work?  Explore the results.