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Tech workplace design

​​Real estate strategy and workplace design fuel collaboration, employee engagement at top tech companies​

Our latest industry perspective paper takes a closer look at how top tech companies are using smart real estate strategies and creative workplace design to create environments that please cross-generational workforces, drive collaboration, and attract and retain top talent. For example:

  • Companies are reworking office layouts to provide multiple types of work areas—such as open and private—so that employees can choose how they want to work.
  • Top players like Google, Facebook and Amazon use location to their advantage by splitting major offices into urban and suburban campuses to meet employee preferences.
  • On-site services like exercise and laundry facilities go a long way in creating a sense of community and engagement among teams, and aid in talent recruitment and loyalty building.

Creating a workplace that best serves your company and your employees can greatly impact your bottom line by improving productivity and employee engagement. Not to mention the cost savings that can come from a fully optimized environment that makes the best use of technology and space for your teams' specific needs.

Download your copy of our tech industry perspective paper today.


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