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Seeing space differently: How occupancy can help drive significant savings

Jones Lang LaSalle brings you in-depth insight from experts across the healthcare industry. This month we discuss occupancy costs. In an extremely cost-conscious environment, health systems are working hard to improve efficiency and lower the cost of care. One key source of untapped savings — often in the millions of dollars – lies in the active management of health system facilities. But to capture these savings, hospitals must adopt a new perspective on the value of their facilities and the role they play in profitability.

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What exactly is the cost of occupancy?
Facilities are critical to the way hospitals deliver service, but do you really know how much your real estate costs you? It’s more than just rent and the amount of debt required to build new facilities. Understanding the true cost of occupancy is not just important–it is the future of how healthcare will think about real estate. In this video, Scot Latimer discusses not only what hospitals need to be thinking about to determine their cost of occupancy, but also how they can improve it.


Why is it important to see space differently?
Knowing the full cost of occupancy and managing it well offers an opportunity to return millions of dollars to your bottom line.

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Point of View

How can you start to drive savings?
In recent years, organizations across a wide range of industries have saved millions of dollars by changing their perspective on real estate – and looking at the true cost of occupancy instead of simply the cost of space.

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