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Supply chain trends

​Five key trends impacting your supply chain strategy

As we emerge from the global recession, the world is poised for economic growth. That's a good thing. But, we expect it to have some potentially unforeseen impacts on supply chain location, distribution and fulfillment strategies. Why?

  1. Consumers are ready to buy more, but their delivery expectations have been drastically altered thanks to mega online retailers. (Thanks, Jeff Bezos.)
  2. A growing economy = rising interest rates that we believe will heavily impact inventory housing.
  3. While the "asset light" approach served us well for many years, a forthcoming truck driver shortage, driven by longtime drivers retiring and few young people taking their places, may cause a need to shift delivery routes and strategies.
  4. Improvements in the real estate market are creating landlord-favorable conditions in the industrial market. Start acting on long-term plans now to avoid potentially much higher real estate costs in the future.
  5. Lower cost offshore labor and manufacturing may cease to outweigh the benefits of localized quality control and proximity to consumers.

Download our free paper to get more insight into these five key supply chain trends, and how you can use them to your advantage.

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