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Smart programs drive smart outcomes

JLL’s smart building program integrates advanced technologies and solutions to create a better workplace, including:

Advanced lighting controls
leveraging advanced sensors and controls to provide personal lighting controls, minimized energy consumption, occupancy data and space utilization, and develop an effective workplace strategy

HVAC controls
automating your system to react to real-time conditions and occupants’ needs, and giving you instant access to operational data and analytics

Remote monitoring and control
managing HVAC, lighting, and other building systems from a central command center, providing fault detection and diagnostics, alerting you when there is an issue, and even fixing the problem remotely

Security and access controls
ensuring that you know who is in your building (and where they are), helping you to quickly flag and address any security issues

Mobile applications
enabling your building’s occupants to interact with their workplace – for scheduling conference rooms, adjusting the temperature or lighting to their own comfort level, or submitting a work ticket – all from their mobile phones or tablets

Employee engagement
personalizing the end user experience through digital signage, audio-visual systems, wayfinding, and other high-tech amenities

Parking management
integrating access control, parking space usage, and payment processing on a single mobile app

Fire and life safety systems
providing critical occupant location data and integrating with other building systems to enhance communications and safety when there’s an emergency

Alternative energy services
seamlessly connecting your building’s energy resources to your facility’s power distribution infrastructure

Communications infrastructure
providing seamless wireless coverage for voice, data, and system communications

Enterprise applications
integrating with client systems to support mobile work programs, human resources, capital planning, budgeting, work order management, business intelligence, and more

Sensors and controls
gathering the operational and occupancy data that you need, with the customizable controls that optimize the occupant experience