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Design and integration

Your trusted advisors for customized, industry-leading smart building solutions.

​​​​With an in-depth knowledge of facilities, operations and engineering, our team will help you develop a smart building solution customized for your business.

From solution design through installation and commissioning, JLL’s smart building specialists partner with you to create solutions that drive efficiencies, enrich the end user/occupant experience and reduce impact on the environment.

Our Approach

Our phased approach to smart building transformation helps you evaluate your options, create a customized solution, and implement a master plan. This approach includes five key phases:

1. Develop a master plan.  
Our smart building team develops a master plan that outlines the various energy, control, and building automation measures to turn your property into a high performing, integrated and intelligent building. The master plan allows you to evaluate your options and includes estimated cost for each initiative, financial payback estimates and ROI, and priority rankings based on goals and objectives.

2. Conduct energy assessments.  
As part of the master plan, we conduct energy assessments for all sites to identify buildings with the greatest savings opportunities. The assessment provides an understanding of the mechanical and electrical systems in order to identify and quantify energy savings for each smart building and control/automation option.

3. Review building systems and select technology solutions.  
We review each building system and sub-system, and identify newer and more advanced technologies, which will drive greatest performance and efficiency. Technologies are selected based on your needs and priorities, functionality, payback period/ROI, reliability, integration with other systems and any additional specific requirements.

4. Engineer a network architecture diagram.    
Once the sites, building systems and technology solutions are confirmed, we engineer an integrated automation network architecture diagram to provide a concept-level depiction of the recommended facility network standards. Our team identifies and documents how improvements to the overall facility network will deliver the greatest short-term life cycle benefits.

5. Install solutions and continuously commission.   
Our specialists oversee all aspects of implementation of your smart building master plan, from RFP to commissioning. We'll work with you to select vendors, and manage the installation of all required hardware, software, equipment, controls and infrastructure.  

To maintain ongoing operational data and performance, we'll also oversee the installation of supervisory controls and data monitoring, as well as real-time monitoring, reporting, measurement and verification.