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Looking to deliver a more personalized and responsive workplace?

​​New technologies are changing everything – from how your buildings operate to how your employees work.

How well are you keeping up with these changes? Are you delivering the best workplace experience for your employees and visitors?

Our Smart Building Program is a holistic approach to integrating your building systems with the latest technologies to deliver smart results.

We work closely with you to understand your goals and then deliver a strategy that optimizes your building performance, responds to employee needs and designs the optimal workplace based on how you use your space.

Why JLL?

The JLL “3-30-300” principle illustrates the exponential value of a holistic approach to your overall smart building strategy. On an annual basis, a typical organization spends:


per square foot on utilities. Using smart technology to improve energy efficiency only scratches the surface of the overall smart buildings value proposition.


per square foot on space. Leveraging smart technology to inform your workplace strategy can reduce costs by a factor of 10x the energy costs.


per square foot on payroll. Using smart technology to elevate the occupant experience and drive employee productivity can deliver that’s 100x the energy costs.

JLL’s comprehensive approach to smart buildings, coupled with our wide range of real estate and workplace expertise, is a holistic solution.

We design every smart building program to meet your specific business goals and objectives.

JLL knows smart buildings—and can ensure your building technology program will continuously deliver innovative results.

Offering a building’s occupants greater control over the temperature and lighting of their workspace can contribute the direct productivity gains.

Integrating advance building energy management system with smart lighting, HVAC controls and windows help provide healthier workplaces for your employees.

Our smart building solutions include:

Advanced lighting controls
HVAC controls
Remote monitoring and control
Security and access controls
Mobile applications
Employee engagement
Parking management
Fire and life safety systems
Smart metering solutions
Communications infrastructure
Enterprise applications
Sensors and controls

A smart approach

From solution design through installation, our smart building experts partner with you to deliver a program customized for your business.

Our five-phased approach includes:

Phase 1
Establish your objectives

Through a comprehensive needs analysis, we help you set realistic goals and objectives, evaluate your options, and provide a plan roadmap that meets your specific needs.

Phase 2
Create a master plan

We work with you to create a master plan that sets the groundwork for your smart building design and technology roadmap for your entire real estate portfolio. The master plan outlines recommended initiatives and provides an estimated return on investment so you can make informed decisions.

Phase 3
Design the solution

Our experts design a solution to utilize real-time monitoring, reporting, and analytics tools for data sharing, fault detection, and predictive maintenance capabilities. We also establish a technology roadmap that secures the right technology and qualified vendors to meet the design criteria of your program.

Phase 4
Integration and installation

We provide a turnkey installation of your smart building solutions, as well as any required system upgrades or retrofits.

Phase 5
Add smart applications

Our smart building program allows you to integrate specialized technologies and applications based on your specific needs. From individual temperature controls to room scheduling to security control—these applications are designed to work together to create a better workplace for your employees.

Want to hear from industry experts on how to get smart with your buildings?

Join us each month for our Lunch and Learn Webcast series where we'll explore Smart Building topics including:

Facilities technology

End-to-end technology solution from procurement to payment with an easy to use work order management system.


AP / direct invoicing and payment.


Vendor consolidation and management; vendor compliance and cost management.

Building Assessments

ProSite building condition assessments and lifecycle asset management.

JLL Marketplace

Access to our leveraged pricing from national manufacturers and suppliers.

Business Intelligence

Dashboard and ad-hoc reporting; predictive and prescriptive vendor savings analyses by market/trade-exclusive to JLL clients.


Variable engineering services and asset management consulting.