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Smart Building Program

Aligning your smart building program with your business strategy

Today’s web-based, apps-driven economy is disrupting the way business is done–and having a significant impact on commercial and corporate real estate (CRE). New technologies are changing not only how buildings operate, but how people work, as well. Tenants are increasingly expecting a more personalized and responsive workplace, and innovative companies want to deliver a better overall experience for their employees.

The JLL Smart Building Program is a holistic approach to integrating building and workplace systems and technologies.  Our team of experts provide smart building visioning and consulting, master plans, design and integration, and full implementation of smart building programs.  From energy savings to increased worker productivity, our holistic smart building program drives transformative outcomes across the facility and throughout the workplace.  Integrated smart building technologies optimize building performance, provide real-time response to end user needs and demands, and shape workplace strategy based on actual use of space.  JLL Smart Building Program leverages the 3-30-300 principle to create a more productive and more profitable workplace for our clients.