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Property Management: Engineering services

Maintain secure, comfortable and productive work environments for all your building occupants, while minimizing risk and lowering operating costs.

​​​​​​Today’s building systems require specia​lized expertise to ensure that they run safely and economically, and maintain compliance with ever-changing building codes and regulations. That’s where we come in. Our onsite property managers are supported by a centralized team of engineering professionals. Together, they provide proactive monitoring, regular maintenance and performance-enhancing upgrades.

We’ll begin our engagement with extensive property audits to benchmark performance data and identify areas for improvement. Annual audits thereafter showcase progress, ensure optimal ongoing operations and maximize the life of your building systems.

Real value. Delivered.

Investors who use JLL’s building systems engineering services see cost reductions up to 30 percent, maintain 100 percent compliance with building codes and regulations, and experience minimal downtime on managed equipment.

See what we do
Follow Patrick Biesty, a JLL Chief Engineer, as he manages the systems of 550 W. Washington in Chicago and keeps the building running smoothly.
Watch the video.