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Property Management

Whether you’re a private investor or part of an investment group, JLL keeps your property finances in order.

​​​Managing the finances of a property—or multiple properties—requires time, attention to detail and knowledge of ever-changing accounting laws. Our property accounting professionals will manage your books so you don’t have to. We ensure compliance with all local, federal and international accounting standards. You can always count on us to provide financial accuracy, timeliness and peace of mind.

We’ll document the responsibilities for your accounting and management team, outlining standard processes to reduce errors and mitigate risk. Whether collecting tenant payments, creating financial reports or managing internal controls, rest assured that nothing will fall through the cracks.

Our team members are tested and certified, so you can trust they have the skills needed to successfully manage your finances. To stay up-to-date with laws, tax codes and new technologies, we provide regular training to all property accounting and management professionals.

Real value. Delivered.

  • Our property accountants serve 270 investors at 650 assignments. 
  • We manage 40,000 invoices per month and make $3 billion in payments annually for investors like you.
  • Over the years, we've administered more than 12,000 leases and collected $3.6 billion from tenants on our clients' behalves.
  • JLL is the only global Lease Administration platform with a SOC1 audit program, providing you third-party verification of lease data accuracy.

Accounting is accounting, but our people set us apart.

  • All our accounting professionals hold college degrees in accounting or finance. More than 20 percent are CPAs and 17 percent hold advanced degrees.
  • We have 300 accounting staff members with more 1,600 years combined tenure, an average of over 6 years here at JLL.