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Trends in Life Sciences

The latest technologies, workplace trends and manufacturing techniques driving innovation at life sciences facilities while pushing plants to the limit.

​To help you manage the complexities of your facilities and operations, we've gathered a collection of resources to help you keep your facilities in compliance, operating at peak performance, and in top economic condition.

The framework of the biopharma workforce is changing: at a time when the industry is experiencing high employee turnover rate, the facility management (FM) teams who specialize in maintaining unique, lab-like facilities are also facing a baby boom wave of retirement.

No matter if you're struggling with turnover rate amongst your pharmaceutical staff or facing a talent gap on your FM team that will affect building operations, understanding millennials is the key.



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The future of facilities management

Millennials leave college with STEM degrees and skill sets that are fundamental to FM jobs that support unique, critical facilities. Partner with a FM provider experienced in attracting and retaining top young talent specially trained to keep your buildings in optimal condition.

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Cutting-edge technology and innovation can help you complete

Millennials want to work for companies who embrace and invest in cutting-edge technology. Biopharma facilities offer innovative work environments that can attract tech-savvy, data-driven millennials who are eager to learn more.

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Facility management solutions to unique life sciences challenges

2014 Efficiency, compliance and facility trends

Based on the 2014 Life Sciences Cluster Report, biopharma companies have taken a new approach to planning, staffing and executing space and location needs.

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