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Government Agencies

We develop and execute creative, cost-saving real estate solutions for local, state and federal government organizations. 

Real estate and occupancy costs are two of the top three line items in most public-sector budgets. A strategic approach to your portfolio can create value, rather than drain dollars.

We’ve partnered with government entities across the United States to assess overlooked real estate opportunities. Our holistic approach to portfolio management allows us to implement solutions that improve efficiency and cut costs. Here’s how we can do the same for yours:

Asset and portfolio management: We’ll organize your leased and owned property data and monitor facilities and find opportunities to enhance performance, improve use of space and renegotiate contracts.

Development services: Improve existing facilities or build new ones from the ground up. We’ll help you secure developer partnerships and manage the project start to finish.

Energy and sustainability services: Save in operating costs and tap into tax incentives with sustainability-driven upgrades, improved energy management and more.

Facility management services: Our professionals proactively measure and manage the performance of your buildings, maximize the efficiency of your real estate staff, optimize your spend through strategic sourcing and reduce energy costs by lowering consumption.

Strategy, analysis and transactions: We perform financial feasibility studies, highest and best use assessments, financing strategies, master planning and land use analyses, deal structuring and public-private partnerships.

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Structural change is coming to the federal leasing market

Agencies are under intense pressure to reduce their footprints and better use space, and structural shifts are creating challenges. Long-term real estate decisions are often being deferred as agencies struggle to balance their mission with the reality of tightening budgets.

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Flexible, data driven capital planning for your real estate portfolio

Help improve declining asset conditions and make sure each capital requested is fully vetted with the right capital planning process.

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Simple yet efficient suggestions for shedding excess real estate

Learn simple yet efficient suggestions on shedding excess real estate that are not only useful for the Federal Government, but equally beneficial for state and local governments looking to optimize their portfolios.

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Finding the right facilities management partner

An external provider that works with multiple organizations naturally has both sourcing and operational economies of scale that simply can't be matched by most in-house teams.

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Spotlight on public-private partnerships