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Automotive retail project management

Centralize the work of multiple auto sites nationwide.

​You are the auto specialist.

Allow us to be the experienced partner who allows you to focus on the strategic level of your business. We'll be your trusted advisor who will manage the renovations and/or ground-up construction—all on time and on budget.

Here are some recent automotive programs we've worked on:

Advance Auto rebrand and conversion

  • Plan and implement the conversion of approximately 700 CarQuest locations to Advance Auto stores following a recent acquisition
  • Aim is to deliver the overall program by the end of 2016 within or under budget

Audi brand refresh
Hear how it went straight from our partners at Audi.

  • Streamlined the implementation of design and brand re-imaging across Audi’s U.S. portfolio
  • Increased dealer signups the first quarter by charting a program and through onboarding


  • Assist dealers as they conform to a dealership design standard
  • Implement and complete the I Series Platform roll out

Mercedes-Benz USA survey

  • Conducted a program audit of identified dealerships to verify their adherence to a new branding standard known as Autohaus
  • Assembled a dedicated and highly trained team to survey 390 dealerships across the country within a 39 month time frame

Real value. Delivered.

Our project management team has successfully delivered more than 100,000 sites in the past few years. See some of our clients’ stories.

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