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Occupancy Planning

Reclaim underused space with a proven occupancy planning program.

​​​​​​Most corporate real estate executives estimate a vacancy level of about 20 percent—but in many cases it’s as high as 30 percent to 40 percent. While some of that vacancy is deliberately planned for business purposes, much of it is unintentional.

We help companies get a better handle on real estate occupancy by strategically assessing use of their space, and using the knowledge to manage costs, set the stage for growth, and align tangible (financial and physical) and intangible (qualitative) occupancy considerations with business initiatives.

How do we do it? Our planners are experienced and well-trained, working within a client-validated certification process around achieving best practices. 68 of those best practices have been Supernova certified—which means they deliver to a defined level of service for on-account quality assurance.

We also leverage the latest occupancy planning technologies to truly understand how your people use their space. This ensures that any updates you make are people-driven and custom-developed to enhance your business’ productivity.

When you’re ready to make a move—whether within your current space or into a new one—our move and relocation management team​ is available to assist in any or all aspects. And, they work hand-in-hand with your occupancy team to ensure a seamless transition from strategy to implementation.

We're compensated based on meeting specific key performance indicators around space data accuracy, cost savings and avoidance, and occupancy targets. Our fees are paid for many times over, as we make an average 1.5 percent of total savings in any client engagement.

Real value. Delivered.

Last year alone, our occupancy planning teams identified and reduced wasted space by an average of 5-10 percent across the 350 million square feet that we managed.

Key benefits of occupancy planning