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Lease Administration

Centralize your lease management to gain greater insight into your portfolio, avoid missing critical dates and identify opportunities to renegotiate.

​Whether you're responsible for a portfolio of 20 leases or 20,000, gathering, monitoring and managing lease data is a drain on time and resources. And if it isn't done more effectively, the consequences can be even more costly.

When JLL centralizes your commercial leases and manages the data, you'll have instant access to timely information, enabling you to:

  • Gain greater insight into your portfolio
  • Avoid missing crucial dates
  • Proactively identify opportunities to renegotiate lease terms and rates
  • Find chances to consolidate or dispose of underused assets

Our transaction advisors will align your business goals with portfolio-wide strategies to maximize your investments.

Stay informed: Lease accounting changes are coming soon. Is your business ready?

Real value. Delivered.

JLL's commercial lease administration professionals follow a strict process that is Sarbanes-Oxley certified.

Across North America, our team manages leases for 50,000 sites or $6.5 billion in spend—and saved companies $43 million in costs and avoidance in 2013.

Put your corporate leases in good hands

Strategic insights on your real estate portfolio

With real estate ranking among the top three largest expenses for organizations, an effective and data-driven lease management strategy can help reduce costs, ensure compliance and make informed real estate decisions.

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The survey results are in!

Responses from 544 CRE executives worldwide point to an immediate need for change. Read our report for powerful insights into the future direction of the CRE industry.

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Don't leave money on the table.

Landlord errors are a reality. Without a lease audit expert examining your lease terms, you could be losing millions.

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How accurate is your lease data?

JLL’s Lease Administration platform has SOC1 audit programs covering all of our global operating centers.

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Smart space planning and management

Technology driven portfolio management

PortfolioCommand uses data and analytics to guide smarter, faster decisions coporate real estate decisions, helping your business reach key goals, adjust to changes and increase profitability.

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Occupancy Planning: Strategic, not tactical

Learn how aligning your real estate occupancy plans with business goals can cut costs, save space and drive productivity.

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