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Integrated Portfolio Services

A new way of thinking about your real estate.

​​​​​​​Instead of dealing with disruption and challenges as they happen, successful corporate real estate teams will take a visionary approach and look toward the Future of Work to define their strategies. That's why we believe in helping you move from individual services to embracing a seamless model that harnesses expertise, technology and insights.

Integrated Portfolio Services (IPS) is designed to help you achieve your ambitions by bringing together a global network of experts, advanced technology, unrivaled data and future-focused insight.

We understand that your success is defined by a long-term and visionary strategy, so it's critical to be agile while still planning for tomorrow. By integrating your real estate services, you'll get a single partner to help you stay ahead of disruptive trends while also reducing costs through flexible service delivery.

Integrated Portfolio Services are:

Transaction Management

Aggressively drive down occupancy costs by analyzing your lease data, applying real-time market insight and quickly implementing flexible strategies.

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Lease Administration

Centralize your lease management to gain greater insight into your portfolio, avoid missing critical dates and identify opportunities to renegotiate.

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Business Intelligence

Confident portfolio decisions are grounded in data-driven, informed analytics. Bring together thousands of disparate data points into a coherent whole to truly understand and tap into your portfolio’s potential.

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Workplace Strategy

CREs face growing expectations to enhance business performance outside of traditional real estate functions. With workplace strategy, you can increase employee productivity and reduce costs.

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Occupancy Planning

Most corporate real estate executives estimate a vacancy level of about 20 percent—but in many cases it’s as high as 30 to 40 percent. Reclaim your underused space with occupancy planning.

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Answer your most pressing questions about all things real estate. We’ll partner with you to deliver technology-based, data-driven strategies and programs that advance your organization’s goals.

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