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Retaining millennial loyalty in your facilities

Foster loyalty with your millennial workforce.

While millennials are often characterized as lacking loyalty to their employers, recent research reveals that millennials have greater employer loyalty when their career and personal needs are met.

A large portion of this study showed that millennials will be more likely to find career satisfaction with facilities management service providers who offer mentoring, job rotations, a blend of knowledge and relationships, and exposure to multiple client accounts

Use these resources to learn more about millennial career expectations and how to foster their loyalty in your workplace, so you can better retain young talent at your facilities.

Download your copy of Millennial interest in facilities management: winning the loyalty of young professionals who want meaningful careers to learn more about retaining millennials and creating a workplace that encourages employee loyalty.

 Infographic: Millennials have a reputation of being job hoppers, but is this true?

Research commissioned by JLL has identified what millennials want and need in a career. Once you take these desires into account, you're likely to keep your millennials on staff for years.