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Attracting millennial talent to your facilities

Recruiting millennials is the key to closing the talent gap in the facility management industry.

By the end of 2014, millennials are expected to make up 47% of the workforce. Despite graduating with degrees in engineering, mathematics and business management, this unique generation is often times unaware of career opportunities in the facility management (FM) industry, making it difficult to recruit them to your facilities.  And as a new workforce, it is difficult for you to understand the millennial mindset.

Take this two minute survey to find out how ready you are to begin recruiting millennials to your facilities.

These resources were designed for you to learn what millennials know about careers in FM and what they are studying in college to help you maximize on their skills and better attract them to your facilities.

The challenge of attracting millennials to careers in FM

Over 200 students were asked what they thought about FM as a career...

... nearly half of those surveyed were seeking degrees in science, technology, engineering, or math.

While 43% said they had heard of the of facilities management, only 1% think they will enter a career in this industry. See what else they said.

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Young professionals share their views on working in the FM industry

Jinny Taylor, Property Operations Manager, age 31 explains why she made the jump from sports marketing to facilities management.

Matt Larson, Vice President, Integrated Program Management, age 30 discusses how a job in facilities management isn't a desk job.

Joe Galambos, Portfolio Energy Manager, age 28 shares where he sees his career in ten years after receiving a degree in electrical engineering.