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Millennials and facilities management

Are millennials the future of facilities management?

As companies face a Baby Boomer retirement wave, the demand for facility management (FM) jobs far exceeds supply, creating a pronounced talent gap expected to worsen over the coming years.

In fact according to recent studies, the average age of FM professionals is 49, compared to the general working population average of 43. This aging employee base is putting companies, especially those who self-provide their FM functions at risk, exposing them to escalating talent costs of recruiting, onboarding and training.  

Millennials (often called Generation Y) are the answer. Start preparing for the future of facilities management by attracting, retaining, and training millennial talent in your workforce. Look through our resources to learn more.

Attracting top millennial talent to facility management careers is going to be challenging - get the resources you need to start recruiting this new workforce today.

Based on a survey of over 200 recent college graduates, only 43% have heard of facilities management and less than 1% are planning careers in the industry.

This collection of resources will help you understand how to attract and recruit top talent from the millennial workforce to help close the industry's increasing employment gap.  

What's your role in fostering millennial loyalty and how can you better retain them at your facilities?  Get the tools you need.

Millennials have earned a reputation for jumping from job to job.

However, 88% of millennials polled say they would stay in their current job if they had a variety of career paths and opportunities for promotion.

Use these resources to learn what millennials want and need in a career so you can drive employment loyalty. Once you take these desires into account, you're likely to keep your millennials on staff for years.

Training millennials for the future of your facilities?  What you need to know.

As building technology increases in complexity, young talent needs to be trained to help ensure your future. According to our research study, they are ready and willing to learn.

Use these resources to understand millennials' interest in technology and desires for innovation throughout their career so you can train them to manage the future of your facilities.