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Corrigo: end-to-end technology

Powerful technology streamlining processes, improving efficiency and increasing compliance.

​Corrigo is an industry-leading technology platform that empowers your facilities team to make better decisions about every location and asset within your portfolio. 

The powerful technology platform brings visibility, accountability and automation to FM business processes. Corrigo uses both an online portal and mobile apps to ensure a seamless experience for your entire facilities team and service providers. The platform supports and guides you at every stage of the process – from work order creation to full integration with your financial system. Corrigo will make your business run more smoothly and efficiently.

Learn more about how our end-to-end technology platform streamlines facilities management:


Improves service while reducing costs: mobile alerts make work order progress available in real-time; easy access to asset history maximizes work performed under warranty

Increases visibility and transparency: streamline your work order management from end to end, with real-time visibility into work order progress, on-site time and activities performed by vendors and engineers, asset condition (with pictures) and parts use

Reduces risk, increase control: enforce compliance and audit trails for key inspections, payment processes and contractual commitments; easily set and enforce Not to Exceed amounts​

Increases access to vendors: a network of vetted vendors includes customer satisfaction scores summarizing each vendor’s historical performance

Generates more data and analytics to aid decision making: dashboards with specialized reports allow you to dive deep; gain unprecedented insights into cost drivers and vendor effectiveness plus cost savings opportunities; integration with RED provides valuable business intelligence​

Integrates with other technologies: our dedicated integrations team can connect Corrigo with your financials, parts suppliers, building management systems and hundreds of other technology platforms with custom solutions delivering always-on, real-time connectivity.

The reach of Corrigo

Artboard 1 450+ organizations
utilize Corrigo
319,000 facilities managed
15M work orders
executed annually
$6B in work order
spend annually