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Aix: Actionable Intelligence

Aix is the industry’s only tool that lets you compare costs and service levels at the site-by-site, portfolio and industry levels. You can finally know where you stand, and where you can start to save. You can hone in on the areas that offer the biggest opportunities for savings and figure out where you want to be. Armed with the why and the where, you can know just what to do to get there.

Composite service level refers to customer satisfaction, emergency order response time, regular order response time, project management on-time completion rate and a number of root cause analyses.

Note: Size of bubble is potential value / dollar savings opportunity.

Site 1

  • I’m going to take a look at what they’re doing right at this site.
  • I might want to promote this site engineer to Site 9 to replicate some best practice processes.

Site 8

  • This site has the biggest opportunity for improving in repair and maintenance.
  • It has the largest spend but the lowest efficiency. I’m going to take a look at our vendor spend.