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Aix: Actionable Intelligence

Aix is the industry’s only tool that lets you compare costs and service levels at the site-by-site, portfolio and industry levels. You can finally know where you stand, and where you can start to save. You can hone in on the areas that offer the biggest opportunities for savings and figure out where you want to be. Armed with the why and the where, you can know just what to do to get there.

Note: Size of bubble is potential value / dollar savings opportunity.

Cafeteria / Food Service

  • I am really happy with our service here but these costs are way out of line.
  • I’m going to take a look at our contracts for opportunities to right-size this spend.

Moves, Adds, Changes

  • My response cycle time and satisfaction level is way below average.
  • I should take a look at my process for how we’re moving employees.

Repair & Maintenance

  • I’m getting best in class service at a low cost.
  • Maybe I’ll look at increasing my capital spend on repair and maintenance since I know the money is being well spent.