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Green + Productive™ Workplace

How going green can boost productivity

Finding the right balance between green and productive is not a slam dunk. That is why we created a program and online tool called Green + Productive™ Workplace, to find out which green office space investments also deliver employee productivity gains. The results show that some green practices improve productivity more than others.

With Green + Productive™ Workplace, you can use data and analytics to:

  • Maximize the use of your space
  • Reduce the use of resources, including energy
  • Provide a comfortable, efficient workplace
  • Enable a sense of connection between employees in the workplace
  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility

"This product should be utilized in future LEED versions of the Existing Building: Operations and Maintenance system as it allow survey data to be easily captured and analyzed."
— Environmental Leader Product & Projects Award judge
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Real value. Delivered.

A multinational software corporation used Green + Productive™ Workplace to track approximately 100 detailed, verifiable green best practice with respect to energy, water, carbon, and use of resources and waste as well as issues that supported employee wellbeing and productivity. This company's application of Green + Productive™ Workplace led them to improve portfolio performance scores by 5% over two years. Learn more about their results.

Create an office that is energy efficient, sustainable and healthy

How a green workplace can increase productivity

See how Green + Productive™ Workplace can support healthy and balanced lifestyle for employees and an office layout that supports better workplace productivity.

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Green + Productive™ Workplace's three step process

See how the online application is built to measure sustainability with employee wellness, comfort and productivity.

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See how companies benchmark, track and measure green productivity enhancers in the workplace

New research from the World Green Building Council

Take an in-depth look at the range of factors that can affect the health, satisfaction and job performance of office workers including a toolkit to help measure health, wellness and productivity of your building and inform financial decision making.

Explore the findings

How to create a green and productive workplace

Learn how to achieve a measurable balance—creating an office that is energy efficient and sustainable, as well as a place where employees are healthy, comfortable and can do their best work.

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Green + Productive™ Workplace in action

Learn how a multinational software corporation pioneered the real estate industry's first global benchmarking tool to measure green and productive workplace efforts.

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Is your portfolio green and productive? You can measure it—really

Studies show that a workplace environment with natural light, thermal comfort and good indoor air quality can dramatically improve employee productivity—some claim productivity gains of 20% due to greening the workplace.

Learn about our measured approach