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Be confident you are making optimal location decisions.

Where organizations choose to locate their business operations is a decision of significant and strategic importance. The location investment decision - whether it is a new location, expansion, consolidation, or redeployment - has a significant impact on the cost structure, talent management, operating and revenue performance of a company. 

Given the importance of this decision, more and more organizations are seeking to leverage the positive returns that a well-developed location strategy can provide. Our team helps navigate executives through the decision-making and implementation process of multi-jurisdictional location initiatives for the range of functions that reside in the organization.

  • Our team: JLL's Location Footprint Strategy advisors are seasoned management consulting professionals with more than 80 years of experience helping companies solve complex location investment initiatives.  Our senior leadership team are recognized experts in the discipline of location strategy and our team is highly adept at navigating clients to optimal location decisions.  

  • What we do: Over the course of many years, we have developed industry leading consultative methods and the development of location-focused technology that help inform location decisions.  We apply a sophisticated consultative approach to identify locations that directly align with corporate goals and objectives.  Our team develops analytical frameworks to guide  decisions, applies proven methods to desktop analysis, facilitates in-market field evaluations, and facilitates the negotiations of business and economic incentives. We help clients from inception through to execution.

  • Our unique value proposition: The team is able to leverage the knowledge and capabilities that come from executing more than 600 location related projects.  We bring to clients unparalleled insights and perspectives which are the result of constantly analyzing locations and/or conducting in-market primary research both in the US and globally.  The team has extensive knowledge across all the critical functional areas of the organization including sales, research and development, headquarters, manufacturing, distribution, and other major office functions (technology, shared services, call/contact center and back office transaction processing activities)

  • What clients can expect: Our clients should expect, and will receive, the very best advice from our team. Further, our team is fully committed to ensuring our clients success and will stand by the recommendations we make.  Existing clients will attest to the quality of the advice they have received and the results we have been able to achieve.

  • The net result: If you are challenged with identifying a new location, redeploying an existing location, reconfiguring, or consolidating operations, our team will confidently navigate you to optimal location solutions that are supported by the best analytical models and deliverables, and will be blessed by the Board of Directors.


Location Footprint Strategy
New Location Selection
Process Redeployment
Talent Market Analysis
  • Prioritized location criteria unique to each clients' situation

  • Robust and targeted labor analytics

  • Proprietary location technology and tools

  • Unparalleled domestic and global location experience and insights

  • Historic perspective and predictive demographic modelling

  • Multi-functional site selection expertise

  • Dynamic supply chain and logistics modelling

  • Sophisticated financial modeling of operating costs

  • Sophisticated non-financial and risk assessment frameworks

  • Unique location footprint configuration capability

  • Optimized economic incentives benefits

  • C-Suite business case reporting


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