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Win in your first 90 days

​For new CRE leaders, time is of the essence and first impressions are everything.

Starting a new leadership position? Congratulations! Transitions are a time when you can start fresh, make changes in an organization, and set the state for your own professional growth. Conversely, though, missteps in the early days can jeopardize and even derail these plans.

So, how can you ensure a positive start? Employ the following five strategies within your first 90 days to get a proper gauge on your situation, start making sound strategic plans and set the stage for your—and your company’s—success.

1. Create coalitions

Supportive alliances will be necessary to achieve your goals. These include relationships with business unit leaders and with infrastructure partners. Question to ask: What is the quality and history of CRE alignment with the business?

2. Match strategy to situation

You need to diagnose the business situation accurately and clarify its challenges and opportunities before you develop your action plan. Question to ask: If your company is shifting labor strategies, do you know what markets to target?

3. Secure early wins

Early victories create virtuous cycles that leverage organization energy. You need to identify and execute ways to create value and improve business results. Question to ask: What innovations from elsewhere in the CRE industry can you apply to your new company right now?

4. Build your team

You will need to evaluate your teams members’ strengths and weaknesses. Question to ask: Can your current team structure scale up (or down)? Do you have the right gearing ratios for staff in your different markets?

5. Negotiate success with your boss

You need to have a series of critical talks about the situation, expectations, style, resources and your personal development. Question to ask: What does your boss need for success?

Looking for more?

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