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Answer your most pressing questions about all things real estate.

Where should we locate? How much real estate do we need? When should we act? How much should we pay? How should I structure my team? Who can I turn to for help?

Look no further.

JLL Consultants partner with commercial real estate executives like you to deliver technology-based, data-driven strategies and programs that advance your organization’s goals—and elevate your role as a leader in the enterprise. We’ll help you:    

Make the most of your portfolio
Anticipate and respond to major shifts in strategy and navigate important business location decisions so your physical footprint is optimized to drive core business objectives. We’ll also help you determine who is using what space when, so you can optimize square footage requirements to meet the demands of the business and employees.

Make the most of your people
Maximize productivity by integrating real estate, people, processes and technology. We specialize in critical change management programs to ensure everyone is on board.

Make the most of your processes
Our Six Sigma, risk management and supply chain experts identify and reduce waste in energy, materials, transportation and space. We also help to ensure that the tools, dashboards and training are in place to keep optimal processes moving smoothly.​

Practice areas: