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Business Intelligence

​Business intelligence is embedded in every aspect of your portfolio. Are you using it to your advantage?

Confident portfolio decisions are grounded in data-driven, informed analytics. And that requires true business intelligence: thousands of disparate data points brought together into a coherent whole, painting a thoughtfully constructed picture of your portfolio’s potential. It’s a smarter approach to real estate.

Incorporating inputs from simple spreadsheets or from a complex, global data warehouse, we help you bring all your information together, transforming it into useful insights. Our business intelligence professionals offer expert analysis of your portfolio, using JLL’s scalable, web-based Portfolio Analytics Tool (PAT).

PAT doesn’t just consolidate information. With analytics linked to JLL research, it can make market rent predictions and identify possible location-specific opportunities. With the tool installed, you are equipped—24/7—to deliver on-command, predictive insights relevant to your portfolio. Fully scalable, PAT  allows you to choose only the options that fit your needs and complexity.

Real value. Delivered.

75 percent of respondents to the JLL Global Data and Analytics in CRE Survey report they see portfolio information as a core part of their corporate data and analytics strategy, yet less than 28 percent of corporate leaders regard themselves as data-centric. PAT can close this gap, and bring your company new sophistication in data-driven portfolio decisions.