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Business and Economic Incentives




Business Tax Credits & Incentives/united-states/en-us/research/2043/business-tax-credits-incentivesBusiness Tax Credits & IncentivesCredits and Incentives may be secured at the federal, state, and local government jurisdictions and may involve tax and non-tax-related benefits.
Perspectives on e-commerce: demystifying distribution site selection/united-states/en-us/research/3541/perspectives-on-e-commerce-demystifying-distribution-site-selectionPerspectives on e-commerce: demystifying distribution site selectionInternet—and now, mobile phone—commerce are growing over twice as fast as store retailing.
The complex world of municipal incentives/united-states/en-us/research/1216/the-complex-world-of-municipal-incentivesThe complex world of municipal incentivesWhile incentives should never be the main driver in site selection, they can make a huge difference in the overall costs for a given project.