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Retail distribution whitepaper

Today, retailers must be able to reach consumers through multiple channels: in a store, online, through social media or on a smartphone. While growth in e-commerce is not a new trend, its impact on how retailers get the right products to the right customers at the right time and for the right price is becoming more substantial.

How different firms address their supply chain needs for both traditional and e-commerce distribution vary widely, but all have the opportunity to gain efficiencies and visibility in their logistics enterprises through technology.

A flood of consumer trend and sales data can help retailers better calibrate inventory levels between their in-store and online distribution networks, and advances in inventory management systems can provide the visibility into stock levels that “save” potentially lost sales.

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This white paper looks at: 

  • How the social and mobile web is disrupting the way goods are sold and ratcheting up competition for customers in new and sometimes unpredictable ways

  • How harnessing data can lead to efficiencies and scale, both on the sales side and in the "behind the scenes" logistics enterprise

  • How the function of brick-and-mortar stores will continue to change from simply a point-in-a-sale to something more complex—and how the multi-channel supply chain will become more integrated between traditional and e-commerce distribution.

  • How product life cycles are shrinking, and why there is more pressure to get new products into consumers' hands faster

  • How technology is being employed to keep inventories lean, and also service different channels of selling