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Advances on the horizon for CRE tech

Our Pushpa Gowda talks with JLL Director, Data & Information Management, Neil FitzGerald about the importance of meaningful and intentional data to make effective company decisions.

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Occupancy planning is all about balance

Too much office space is a waste of capital. Too little can hurt productivity. Improve your space use by seeing how others are trying to get it right.

U.S. and Canada fit out guide

Arm yourself with the data to make informed decisions by comparing build out costs across office styles, space quality and complexity.

Tech – CRE’s biggest customer

Nope, it’s not a bubble. It’s a complete shift in our economy toward innovation, technology, mobility and agility.

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U.S. Office Outlook

A quarterly look at office market activity, trends and stats.

Future of Work

Are you ready for the changing world of work?


A well-designed office can transform your people and your business.