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Arizona State University graduate retention

•Arizona State University’s latest “Outcomes and Rankings” report shows that students are finding more, attractive opportunities to stay in the valley after graduation.

•The retention of educated workforce, particularly with STEM majors, continues to fuel Phoenix’s strive towards becoming a notable technology hub, with the leading, hiring industries being tech, engineering, healthcare, education, banking and finance.

•The influx of recent graduates within Tempe, ASU’s original campus location, has steadily brought Tempe’s class A office rates to $38.73, the highest in Phoenix. Other notable tech submarkets, may see similar results proportional to that of enduring recent graduates.

•The University’s recently approved 102 million dollar expansion in Mesa is expected to continue the retention trend with the creation of more high-paying, local jobs, attractive multifamily developments, and class A office developments.

Source: JLL Research

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