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Spotlight on how experiential trends are reshaping the food and beverage industry: Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR)

Retail, specifically the food and beverage industry, is a continually shifting sector. As consumers’ desires and buying patterns change, retailers need to innovate and adapt with how they sell their product. QSRs, which have experienced a 12.5 percent increase in sales over 2015 (the largest jump in the F&B world), have seen significant changes over the past few years. Consumers’ rising desire to order quick, personalized and healthy meals in an easy to use fashion, is driving innovations across the U.S.

Key examples of the evolving QSR experience:

•Mobile ordering and in-store kiosks – Electronic ordering is driving ease of use and speed in top QSRs

•Menus inspired by local influence – Patrons desire to ‘buy local’ is driving focused menu options

•Upgraded interiors – QSRs such as Wendy’s are building swankier spaces with marble, hardwood and other upgraded finishes

Source: JLL Research, US Census, CoStar

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