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Spotlight on how experiential trends are reshaping the food and beverage industry: Grocery

Retail, specifically the food and beverage industry, is a continually shifting sector. As consumers’ desires and buying patterns change, retailers need to innovate and adapt with how they sell their product. Grocery, which has experienced a 5.4 percent increase in sales over 2015, has seen significant changes over the past few years. Consumers’ rising desire to buy ready-made meals, fresh produce and private label products has driven change in how buyer experience grocery.

Key examples of the evolving grocery experience:

• Whole Foods – enhancing the shopping experience with wine bars and high-end coffee offerings

• Trader Joe’s – employing friendly and knowledgeable staff who will go out of their way to be helpful

• Universal – online ordering, pre-package meals, curbside pick up, and more

Source: JLL Research, US Census, CoStar

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