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Looking for a job? Colorado is one of your best bets

• Wallethub compared the 50 states across 29 key indicators, including job satisfaction, unemployment, median annual income, and average commute time, and measured each state’s job market and economic environment.

• Colorado came in first for its job market and 19th for its economic environment, giving the state second place overall, falling only behind Washington. With a current unemployment rate of 2.5 percent, the third lowest amongst large metros, it is clear that jobs are being filled here locally.

• This report comes on the heels of the announcement from the Labor Department that the number of available positions exceeded the number of job seekers in the nation for the first time since record keeping began in 2000. The tightening labor market fits with the ongoing narrative of the transition from workers relocating to be near jobs to businesses relocating to be near the labor. More and more businesses are catering towards their employees by offering more amenities or by being in a trendy, hip area.

• Expect this new trend to become the norm in coming years as Denver evolves into a primary market where occupiers and investors alike come to do business. 

Source: JLL Research, WalletHub, WSJ

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