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How educated are we?

• Why are companies coming to Dallas-Fort Worth when it has a college education level that appears lower than other large metro areas? After all, only about 33% of the total population has a bachelor’s degree or above, compared to figures exceeding 45% in metro areas like Boston and San Francisco.

• The answer is that the degree holders are in the northern half of the metro area. Many of these areas in fact have more than 70% of individuals over 25 years old holding bachelors degrees or higher.  There is a distinct swath of highly educated people that radiates northward along the Dallas North Tollway and then northeast along 121.

• This provides the labor pool to power major corporate headquarters and all ranges of high quality jobs. These high quality jobs have a large multiplier effect which means more jobs are created in local services.

• Also, if you look at the number of people with graduate or professional degrees, the total is also quite impressive. At 536,000, Dallas Fort-Worth metro has almost as many advanced-degree holders as San Francisco metro, and not far behind Boston metro.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, ESRI, JLL Research

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