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MHA expanding, exchanging upzones for contribution to low income housing

• Seattle’s Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) program is expanding to include most commercial, residential, and live-work developments by Q3 2018.

• Subject to Seattle City Council approval, MHA requirements will take effect after commercial and multifamily zones undergo a rezone to increase the maximum building height or floor area ratio (FAR) or institute a new zoning designation altogether.

• Commercial developments in excess of 4,000 square feet and projects adding or increasing new multifamily units will be subject to MHA requirements and be responsible for providing rent-restricted housing units (performance option) or pay into a fund that supports the development of affordable housing (payment option).

• The MHA requirements vary by location and the scale of zoning change with higher MHA areas and more significant upzones having more substantial requirements. 

• If the performance option is exercised, units must remain affordable for at least 75 years. 

Source: City of Seattle

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