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Employment growth over the past ten years varies by industry sector

• According to the latest estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Indianapolis has an unemployment rate of 3.0 percent. This is 1.8 percentage points below where it was ten years ago.

• In the past ten years, the Indianapolis metro area has added 116,800 jobs. Seventy percent of them were in the Education & Health Services and Professional & Business Services industries. Companies such as Allied Solutions, Salesforce, and Infosys have already hired many Hoosiers and have committed to adding even more in the future.

• The industrial real estate market is not usually influenced by employment rates (as opposed to the office market). However, the Trade, Transportation & Utilities sector experienced exceptional job growth during this time due to a recent record-breaking run of absorption and new construction, largely driven by 3PL and e-commerce users. Such a large amount of growth requires an increased number of employees to operate these new facilities.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, JLL Research

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