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Transit reliance increases as ridership hits new records

  • Light Rail Transit ridership reached new highs in 2017 averaging 78,000 daily weekday riders, reinforcing the reliance on public transit for daily commuting within growing metropolitan areas. Weekends added about 55,000 daily riders on both lines generating a weekly total of about 657,000 rides.

  • The Green line accounts for 60 percent of all weekday boarding's, hosting the highest number of daily riders (5,900) across the rail system at the East Bank Station on the U of M Campus. The stations that round out the top three are Lindbergh Terminal Station (3,500) and Stadium Village (3,100).

  • As parking lots in the CBD diminish, the Metropolitan Council anticipates rider demand to increase alongside additional transit oriented development. The future of the light rail system lies with the Southwest Green Line extension anticipated to begin construction later this year.  

Source: JLL Research, Metropolitan Council 

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