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Young Working Professionals, Higher Incomes Concentrating in SOMA

• Compared to San Francisco metro, SOMA is more dense (26,727 people per square mile compared to San Francisco’s 18,584), has a higher per capital income ($73,779 compared to San Francisco’s $53,925) and has a higher concentration of young workers (30% compared to San Francisco’s 26.9%).

• A high concentration of young, educated millennial talent (over half of SOMA’s residents possess a college degree or higher) and easy access to public transit make SOMA an attractive location for tech companies.

• Interestingly, while SOMA outpaces San Francisco in population density, percentage of young workers, per capita income, and median age, it lags slightly in percentage of population with a bachelor’s degree.  Since the % with bachelor’s degree metric captures people age 25 or older with either a bachelor’s degree or higher, it could be that many of SOMA’s young workers may not have yet obtained a higher degree, compared to areas of San Francisco with an older demographic.

Source: JLL Research

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