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Ranking the performance of the Dallas skyline

• Borrowing from sports bump charts that visualize rankings over time, we’ve ranked Dallas skyline buildings by total performance—combining rent and vacancy, which creates a performance index.

• Unlike expansion teams that join a sports league and typically start near the bottom, new buildings usually rank higher than existing ones, which indicates a flight to quality, and is especially apparent in this real estate cycle.

• Buildings that maintain a top rank over time tend to have invested more into amenities and upgrades over time.

• An example above, the highlighted building is one of Dallas’ most iconic skyscrapers—a chart-topper until 2008—that today, still holds a top 10 spot thanks to recent capital improvements into parking and common area upgrades.

• Meanwhile, other 1980s landmark buildings have slid in rank from top 5 to bottom 5 today.

• The rankings of buildings south of San Jacinto St. quickly slid in the 2008-2009 downturn and were permanently displaced by uptown buildings.

• Since 2011, buildings on Dallas’ most expensive street, McKinney Ave., have dominated the top spots, while buildings south of San Jacinto St. now occupy eight of the bottom ten spots.

Source: JLL Research

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