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Happy Earth Day! Want an energy efficient building? Look towards the light!

• Improved environmental performance is an important factor in the real estate industry as it can reduce operating expenses, increase tenant demand, lead to more efficient management of natural resources, and increase property value.

• Commercial properties all around the world are especially investing heavily in lighting technologies. The most recent report from the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) Greenprint Center for Building Performance shows that lighting, accounting for $124 billion in spending, is the largest segment of the building efficiency market.

• This is no surprise given that the largest end use of electricity for U.S. commercial buildings is for lighting, totaling to 17 percent of all electricity consumption, according to the Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey.

• Across Orange County, sustainable architecture has been spreading steadily for the last few decades. Currently, there are nearly 250 office and industrial properties with LEED and/or Energy Star certification. With recent developments attaining LEED certification at the Gold level, new buildings in the county maintain a focus on achieving heightened environmental performance.

Source: JLL Research, ULI Greenprint Center, CBECS

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