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The Uptown Lakes depot is the Metro’s busiest destination for bike share (Nice Ride) users

  • With spring finally on the horizon its time to focus our attention on Minneapolis’ active lifestyle and modes of outdoor transportation. Minneapolis Bike share provider Nice Ride releases their ridership data on an annual basis, so we’ve dug into the data of over 46,000 rides among 202 different depots to determine the busiest destinations to start and end within Nice Ride’s service area.

  • The Uptown Lakes depot attracts the highest number of riders from outside destinations, with net 911 more drop-offs than pick-ups. Total volume aside, the depot with the highest percentage difference of drop-offs to pick-ups is the North Mississippi Regional park, 58 percent more people drop-off than pick-up here. 

  • The Nice Ride service appears to be popular with students getting to and from the University of Minnesota Campus. Of the top 10 busiest depots, 60 percent are directly on campus with up to 70 percent ‘campus adjacent’.  

Source: JLL Research, National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) Housing Opportunity Index

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