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Colorado’s tourism is increasing… are we ready for it?

• In 2016 (the year of most recent available data), Colorado moved back into the top 10 tourist-drawing states for the first time in 22 years, according to the Colorado Tourism Office. And with the state launching a new $6 billion tourism campaign this summer, it seems likely the crowds will only increase. But with most travelers arriving by plane, is DIA ready for long-term growth in travel numbers?

• Despite being a smaller airline, Frontier announced a staggering 56 new routes since the start of 2018, many of which depart from or arrive at DIA. Some of the routes are to major population hubs like Chicago or Atlanta, while others look to capitalize on smaller locales. The Denver-based airline will have doubled in routes it travels between 2017 and mid-2018, keeping flight prices for DIA travelers more competitive.

• DIA is in the top five busiest airports in the U.S., with all five currently undergoing renovations. At $1.5 billion, its renovation budget is the smallest, lagging just behind DFW. Its smaller budget is being put to good use, however. The airport plans to add 39 new gates, four more than O’Hare airport in Chicago, which has over triple the budget. Overall, the Mile High City seems to be working hard to prepare the skies above for increased numbers. 

Source: JLL Research, Colorado Tourism Office, airline/airport website

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