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Portland’s young and educated are concentrating in the urban core

• It is no surprise that people gravitate to Portland’s urban core, 56,069 people call it home. With it’s diversity, abundance of shops, restaurants (a foodies paradise), and entertainment, the area has been a magnet for younger, highly educated people.  42 percent of the population in Portland’s urban core is considered “young workers” between the age of 20 and 34; double that of the Portland-metro and national average.

• Not only is Portland’s urban core young, it is also well educated, 63 percent of the urban core’s population have a bachelor’s degree or higher compared to the Portland metro, standing at 38 percent and the US national average of 31 percent.

• The urban core’s per capita income is $43,917 annually, 29 percent higher than the Portland Metro’s per capita income and 42 percent higher than the national average per capita income.

Source: JLL Research

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