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Clark County shines as Portland metro population growth slows

•The US Census released the latest population estimates for 2017, pegging Portland metro’s population at 2,453,168 residents.

•The increase of 30,006 people from the previous year is the slowest year-over-year growth in 4 years but even with the slowdown, the Portland metro was the 22nd fastest-growing out of the 100 largest metropolitan areas.

•The only counties in the 7 county metro to grow faster than the previous year were the 2 Washington State counties, Clark and Skamania county.  Clark County added nearly a third of the metro’s new residents and over three quarters of those new residents were from in-migration as it grew 2.0 percent between 2016 and 2017.

•As the cost of living in the city of Portland continues to increase, Clark County has become an increasingly attractive option for people moving to the metro. Coupled with zero state income tax, available land to grow and a business friendly environment, Vancouver WA and the rest of Clark County should continue to fuel Portland’s population growth.

Source: JLL Research, US Census Bureau

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