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Washington State voted best state economy in the country

• Based on Business Insider's most recent report measuring five labor-market and general economic health indicators, Washington state out performed the entire country.

• Unemployment in Washington state is 4.5%. Driven predominantly by the technology sector, the Seattle MSA maintains a low unemployment rate of 3.8%, which is 30 basis points below the national average. The average weekly wage in Washington is the highest in the country at $1,107.

• Washington’s GDP growth rate was the fourth highest in the country at 4.3% and the state’s employment growth experienced a year-over-year increase of 2.9%

• Washington’s technology presence has grown at an unprecedented rate. The city now rivals that of California’s Silicon Valley. Washington State is home to many tech firms, with a diverse array of specializations from e-commerce to software development to cloud computing. Home grown tech firm expansion persists, while Bay Area companies continue to expand their presence throughout the State. 

Source: JLL Research, Census Bureau, Business Insider

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